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A Reliable Cash Advance CRM is not an option - IT'S A NECESSITY!

Statistically 1 in 3 deals will be lost post contact.

  • What are you doing to ensure your agents aren't dropping the ball?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you close the deal before your competitors?

PLUMPGREEN CRM is a Tailored MCA CRM for total Cash Advance Management. This MCA CRM is the worlds first production CRM developed exclusively for the Business Cash Advance, Business Loan, and Merchant Processing industry. Our Customer Relationship & Management Software Is a fully automated total solution.

PG CRM software provides an independent single web-based solution for sales offices that efficiently organizes and manages the entire sales and funding process. With PG CRM_+ anyone on your sales team is just a few key strokes away from all the essential merchant information. Manage deal pipeline, prioritize tasks, appointments, renewals, follow up calls.

PG CRM_+ software organizes your overall business operations by communicating between top management, team leaders and employees, as well as funds / banks.

PG CRM_+ Is an essential asset whether you are an ISO Management, Sales team leader, Fund manager, or a Merchant processor.

PLUMPGREEN CRM_+ is a full suite solution secure web-based platform. Through qualitative research with past clients and our continuing development we guarantee our solution will remain on the forefront in this industry.

PLUMPGREEN CRM_+ is an Internet protocol-based system that encompasses a single multi-application environment, providing enhanced productivity by shortening lag time and staying up to date on renewals. State of the art security, and processes reduce risk for customer loss and poaching.

PLUMPGREEN CRM_+ furthers the productivity standards set by the Business Cash Advance, Alternative Business Loan community. Unlike most off the shelf CRMs that are shoehorned in a hodgepodge fashion to sort of fit the needs of Loan Modification / Cash Advance requirements, PLUMPGREEN CRM click here _+ is specifically designed for the Cash Advance, Alternative Business Loan, Merchant Advance industry natively built on the LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Our intelligent deal tracking and management engine is the most powerful and efficient way to turn your leads into converted deals.

Track all merchant-related communications and documentation so you can focus on new sales pipeline with ease and not risk losing your existing business relationships.

� Gain the competitive advantage with PLUMPGREEN CRM_+