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A Reliable Cash Advance CRM is not an option - IT'S A NECESSITY!

Statistically 1 in 3 deals will be lost post contact.

  • What are you doing to ensure your agents aren't dropping the ball?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you close the deal before your competitors?


  • Leads Management and Distribution
  • Send Applications with Editable Cover-sheets via Integrated Fax / Email Engine.
  • Business Cash Advance Total Birds Eye View Management.
  • Merchant Loan Processing Management.
  • Merchant Application Templates For Cash Advance, CC Processing, Traditional Business Loan.
  • Application, Bank Statements, CC Statements, Owner DL, And Other Document Attachments All Within The System Attached To The Merchant’s Profile.
  • Integrated with Email / Fax Application Templates Both For Merchants And Funds
  • Management Dashboard
  • Sales agent Dashboard
  • Scheduling Follow-up Calls
  • Calendar
  • Reporting: Broad company wide see all apps out, apps back, number of deals sent for funding, number of deals that require additional documents. reporting drill down-able to a sales agent and or a deal.
  • Simultaneous Multiple Fund Submission
  • Multiple fund Quick view Status.
  • Multiple fund Tracking and reporting
  • Off Line Advertising Conversion Tracking
  • Deal management for multiple Cash Advance deals including renewals and re-ups for a single deal / merchant
  • Integrating with Fax Servers (efax / jfax) all business cash advance applications are sent from within the system.
  • Banks / Financial Institution Integration for Loan Submission and Approval
  • Team  and individual dashboards.
  • Satellite Office support
  • Enterprise Search
  • Webform to CRM submission.
  • Automated Tasks Such As:

  • Leads Management and Distribution
  • Merchant Management
  • Business Cash Advance Management
  • Merchant Alternative Loan Management
  • Merchant Application
  • Application Attachments
  • Integrating with Email Application Templates
  • Management Dashboard
  • Sales agent Dashboard
  • Scheduling Follow-up Calls
  • Calendar
  • Reporting / Commission Tracking
  • Fund Request Documentation Duel Notification (Manager & Sales Agent)

Types Of Log-ins:

Team Managers � Agents � Administrator � Accounting – Bank Managers

Team Managers can access their own Leads & Applicants and those of all agents under them. They can assign or re-assign leads to agents. They can view reports on agents they supervise.

Agents can access their team stats on the home page dash. They can view their own leads, add new leads, convert leads, and attach documents for their leads. They can view their merchants, see the status of cash advances and credit card processing, and view “Notifications”.

Administrators can add users, and manage email or fax accounts including templates for fax/email. They also manage roles and fun list

Accounting can view all monies owed to agents based on percentage and closing costs. They can also issue payments and mark items as paid.

Bank Managers can communicate with agents regarding necessary documentation. They send the deals to the funds/financial institutions. They also update any cash advance and credit card processing information.


Detailed Reports & Charts

  • Report – Number of Applications Sent
  • Report – Number of apps back (attached)
  • Report – Number of bank / fund approval
  • Report – Number of bank / fund decline
  • Report – Number of deals funded
  • Report – Number of deals that were dead
  • Chart – % of Apps Send That Came Back
  • Chart – % of Apps Closed By Any Agent
  • Chart – Best Performing Agent by % of Apps
  • Chart – Worst Performing Agent by % of Apps
  • Custom Reports