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A Reliable Cash Advance CRM is not an option - IT'S A NECESSITY!

Statistically 1 in 3 deals will be lost post contact.

  • What are you doing to ensure your agents aren't dropping the ball?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you close the deal before your competitors?

This commitment to transparency extends to any changes we may have to make to the Roadmap. Although we’re committed to meeting every goal on the Roadmap, priorities can change and features may be moved to later releases. We know how important these features are to business cash advance sales teams, but we advise you to not make any serious business decisions based on an unreleased feature.

PlumpGreen does reserve the right to change the Roadmap, and cannot assume responsibility for any loss that might come from a late or unreleased feature. Keep in mind, however, that all additions and modifications will be reported on the blog and on our newsletter.

New Live Features

Thus far in 2012 we have added over 100 New Features to PG MCA CRM
Over the last 3 months we have deployed over 100 new features to the worlds greatest MCA CRM 
We did this without passing any of the costs onto you our clients.. PG CRM is still only $50/month per user.

Some of the new features include:

New Lead Form and Mapped App
February 9 – March 2 |
We have fully deployed to all users our new lead form with mapped app option.

In all we have added 55 new fields to PG Lead form, all data collected here can be mapped to our application that’s sent to the merchant. all users have the option to turn on or off “mapped app” in the admin section.

All of these new fields are also ported to the deal details page that’s sent to the fund.

Notifications and Ticketing sys.
Janurary 30 – March 19 |
Notifications, any time any deal is changed or a note is added a notification is sent to all managers and the agent via PG and email.
a) In notifications we now have a column called open / closed tickets
b) When a ticket is created, the email / notification thats sent has a link to the deal with the deal name.
c) when a ticket is created we display a copy in the deals page just as we have for notes.

Quick add email / fax in deals
March 21 |
When sending a merchant an app you now can add additional documents on the fly with our one click coversheet up-loader widget.

Quick add email / fax in deals
Feb 27 |
In Deals, when youa re in a deal in the “send contracts to merchant” we added a “quick add” filed for email and fax, so that you can add and send a fax / email on the fly and any numbers / emails entered here will also be added to the merchants profile and if you would like to ream more about our hislut relationships and integrations read more here.

All Docs Uploaded can be seen and sent to fund with contracts
Feb 27 |
In Deals, Step 4 send contracts to fund will display all uploaded documents for the deal with a check box to include when sending to the fund.

Funds List
March 19 |
All funds in the funds list are in alphabetic order.

Deals sort by filter
March 19 |
Sort by date modified has additional filters

Deals sort by filter
March 19 |
Deals and CC Processing Page,  Summery pane now has additional fields:
Current / Previous CC Processor: Mid Number     Status         Processing Company         V-MC Rate
New CC Processor:                     Mid Number     Status         Processing Company         V-MC Rate

Dashboard Broadcast
March 19 |
PG Broadcast on dash, All managers can update the broadcast system that displays a message on everyone’s dashboard.

Upcoming Features

  • Agent Commission Tracking
  • Full Client email integration via Google apps
  • Dynamic phone Hosted PBX integration
  • Processor merchant payback status daily updates via API/XML feed.
  • Customer Balances
  • 3rd party integration … (CMS, Payment, Shipping, Affiliate, Accounting, etc.)
  • Further performance enhancements