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A Reliable Cash Advance CRM is not an option - IT'S A NECESSITY!

Statistically 1 in 3 deals will be lost post contact.

  • What are you doing to ensure your agents aren't dropping the ball?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you close the deal before your competitors?

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PG CRM is the world's leading
developer of management tools
for Cash Advance, Business Loan
and Credit card processing.

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on on new CRM here

Gain a competitive advantage and
boost profit margins with software
that lets you manage more accounts
and sales agents with more efficiency
and effectiveness, all with less man-

See the progress of your entire sales
team from a simple, elegant
dashboard view that is constantly up
to date

Take your company's most vital
assets, every lead and all pending
deals, out of the hands of individuals,
and into software that will never
take a vacation, never forget to
update a deal, and never demand a

Provide tools for your employees that
are straightforward, elegant and
impactful, allowing you to reduce your
reliance on expensive high-salaried

Present your company as a the
sophisticated cutting edge marketing
firm that it is, with white-labeled, web
based software that your clients and
employees think is your own

Streamline your reporting process
and regain countless hours of work
from your employees.

Ensure the work you're getting from
your employees is of the highest
caliber with top level trend views of
every Lead, Applicant, and deal.